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Abandoned & Alone

Lost, the only explanation
A wrong turn somewhere
Further up the road
A sign unwittingly misread.

Unfamiliar, this landscape
I find myself traversing
Where before was green grass
Now stretches a barren desert.

Alone, not a living thing
No bird nor beast nor tree
Not a human to be seen
My cries remain unanswered.

The path leads into the horizon
There is no end, or so I fear
For it seems I am doomed
To wander. Forever.

A memory awakens deep within
I see myself as I once was
Young and carefree, surrounded
On all sides. By friends. Family.

Why have they forsaken me?
Left me here to fend for myself
How have I betrayed their love?
Or is it me they have let down?

Scorching heat, cruel sun
I shield my eyes, glaring up
The air shimmers, calling forth
A mirage, a hallucination.

Familiar faces flashing by
One after another
Smiling, frowning, crying
My beloved, you are here.

On my knees, I reach out
Not daring to breathe
But still you elude me
Empty air is all I have.

Our vows, for eternity
To cherish and hold
In good and in bad
And yet I am alone.

Tears, more bitter than sweet
Roll unceasingly down my cheeks
My throat is parched and hoarse
From screaming your name.

The air mocks me with its silence
The desert with its bleakness
Yet my heart races
As if you were near.

A whisper, a tickle, a ghost
Of a sweet tender caress
Of you whispering my name
Of your comforting arms around me.

A moment, that is all
A moment, the tease
A moment, a moment, a moment
I need more.