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Remember Your Destiny

General Disclaimer:
This is a fan fiction based on the television series Xena: Warrior Princess. All characters, locations, quotes, etc borrowed from the show belong strictly to the original creators and whomsoever holds the ultimate copyrights. There is no intention of copyright infringement or profit wherein this fan fiction is concerned. The remaining ideas, storyline, characters, etc are but a figment of my fevered mind and I will bear full responsibility for them.

Other Disclaimers:
Violence is inevitable and may even be overly graphic since a certain Warrior Princess is involved hence anyone who may be uncomfortable with such depictions are advised to avoid reading the stories.

The underlying theme for these stories is a loving consensual relationship between two adults of the same gender. There may also be scenes describing or hinting at sex between others of the same gender, different gender, different species, different tribes. Violent sex scenes may also make an appearance in these stories. Any person(s) uneasy with any of the sexual content above should leave this site now.

In the event that you are under the legal age wherever you may reside or it is illegal in your country to be exposed to any of the contents listed above, please do not proceed to read any of the stories herein.

Please note that I will not be responsible for any trauma resulting from a failure to heed any of my warnings above. 

Cheeks wet with tears, I mourned.
My head pillowed upon your sweet breast
Already grown cold as the blistering snow
Howling maniacally outside these four walls.

That strong body I had loved, countless times.
In my dreams. Will never know the caress of my lips
Or the worship of my hands. Having passed up every
Opportunity to learn the secrets they hold so dear.

Awake, I am haunted by your sarcophagus.
In slumber I relive your very last breath,
My every struggle up that mountain, through
The cold, the pain. All for naught, all too late.

I cried, I pleaded, I begged, I screamed.
But you ignored them all. Uncaring, cruel.
Off on your merry way, with nary a thought for
Me. Leaving me behind, alone, abandoned, scared.

So much more to be said, to be done.
Am I never going to get another chance?
This emptiness that threatens to engulf me,
All because I love you. Without you, I can’t go on.

If only there was something I could do
Or say, to bring you back by my side, to never
Leave me. Gladly would I sacrifice anything,
Everything, to have your arms around me once again.

Come back to me Xena, please.
Remember your destiny.