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XWP Inspired Works


Death Bonds

The direct aftermath of FIN.

A run-in with mythical creatures where Xena and Gabrielle discover that things are never as simple as they seem, especially where they are concerned. 

Unintended Consequences

Set immediately after Death Bonds.

Xena and Gabrielle are confronted with the unintended consequences of the events in Death Bonds. Can they and their relationship survive it? 

Second Chances

Set after Unintended Consequences.

Xena and Gabrielle are back in Greece with a new friend. They pay the Amazons a visit to propose a new alliance but complications occur.

An old friend from Xena's past makes an appearance and Xena and Gabrielle have to deal with their ever-evolving relationship. 

The Dream

A short vignette set after the events of Second Chances. Gabrielle has a dream late one night.


Remember Your Destiny

A poem by Gabrielle after the events of the Destiny. One shot.

Gabrielle’s Journal

Here we look at some excerpts from Gabrielle's private journal and explore how the relationship between two friends evolved over time.

Follow Gabrielle as she struggles with her feelings for her traveling companion and best friend.

When does friendship become something more?