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Chickadee Me

Now’s the time,
Naught more.
Who can tell?
Me or you.
Fused as one.
Chickadee me.
I love you.

What changed?
Stay the same.
Time together.
Spent apart.
One as one.
Two as two.
Chickadee me.
Chan raak te.

Turn around.
Come again.
Life’s friend.
Trust always.
Hope & dreams.
Hold me now.
Feel my heart.
Chickadee me.
Maite zaitut.

London’s bridge.
Barcelona’s wall.
Africa’s plains.
Thailand’s streets.
Singapore’s lanes.
Where now home?
Hear its cry.
Calling us hence.
Chickadee me.
Gihigugma ko ikaw.

Come my sweet love,
Aching arms longing.
Feeling you close,
Your warm comfort.

Bodies straining,
Never to part.
Always desiring,
Its partner in kind.

Sweet Chickadee,
Love so strong,
Binding us close,
Just you and me.