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The night is young still.
Shall we dance?
One final go.

Let us put on a performance.
Here beneath the stars,
Sheltered by the trees.

A slow number.
That nature may see.
Yes, those slumbering avians above!

Quick now, time is trickling by.
While darkness enshrouds us yet,
Witnesses to our intimate movements!

Music pulsing, slow.
Now fast, hammering of our hearts,
The crickets as accompaniment!

Such grace, coupled.
Synchronising perfectly together.
Our onlookers silenced, in awe.

Rivulets of water.
That precious perspiration,
Drenching, soaking us through and through.

Now, blessed rain.
Heaven rewarding our efforts,
Cool and refreshing upon us.

‘Ere dawn breaks.
And Mankind intrude upon our private stage.
Let us savour this magical moment once more.

A lingering kiss.
Melting into each other’s arms.
And we are one.

The sun rises…