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Dark Days

The sun has covered its face
The moon no light to reflect
Even the stars have burnt out
Winking out one after another.

O the dark days have come!
Not a single ray of light left.
Cloaked in pitch blackness
The world is slowly dying.

Every breath, the world’s last
All within thrown into chaos.
Roads once led to paradise
Now, the only place is down.

Blossom-covered fields
Lie desolate with weeds.
Rivers, fishes teeming,
Weep, beds desiccated.

Trees heavy with fruit
Standing stark naked
Its inhabitants gone
Long dead, corrupted.

It is here I find myself
Trudging on uncaring
Stumbling, tumbling.
Collecting injuries.

Deliberate apathy
Yet always struggling
This darn depression
Just can’t shake it off.

That cloak of darkness.