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I’ll Always Be Here

I give you my promise
My promise is true
Throughout all joy and sorrow,
I’ll always be here

Along this long and tiring life journey,
I cannot promise to protect you from everything
But through it all
I’ll be always be here

I cannot promise not to make you cry
For I’m only human
I can only hope that the joy and love I bring
Will brighten up your life

I know I’ll not live forever
And I may not always be there physically
But know that wherever I may be,
My love and prayers will follow you

It’s inevitable that we may quarrel
And in the process hate each other
The day will never come
When hate will drive us apart forever

There are times when I would like to
Stand in your place and carry your burdens for you
For it hurts me to see you struggle so
But there are times when you must carry it alone

Even though I’m limited in many ways
And it’ll be impossible to keep my promise
Yet my prayer is such that I do the best I can
And that I can always be here for you

I would love to stand there
And watch you go through life
Laughing with you and sharing your sorrows
And letting you know you’ll never be alone!