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Night is falling,
Curtains are closing.
Our life is ending,
In every tick of a clock,
Every beat of our heart.

In the dawn that rises,
Day after unfailing day.
It is written in the stars,
The scorching heat of the sun,
Every rain drop, every snow flake.

It’s the haunted look,
Hidden behind the everyday mask.
Hear the keening cry of the earth,
The destructive fury borne by the wind,
Every quake, every flood, every disaster.

Our time is ending,
And our future falters.
We have borrowed beyond our means,
Squandered everything we could lay hands on,
Every precious moment, every resource, every possession, every person.

And so our legacy remains,
The tatters of our stewardship.
Snatched the future from our children,
Exchanged hope for an empty shell,
A sinking ship, a lost cause, a ticking time bomb,
Nothing left.
But ruins.