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Moment of Magic

Surrounded on all sides by the press
Of humanity. Oblivious to all but she,
Who by my side fills me with joy.
Made complete, as one can never be.

Trek now along, a part of the human
Snake. Eyes for none but her, satisfied.
Hand in hand, arm in arm, intimacy
Unrivalled, unsurpassed.

Unfriendly stares in our vicinity turn
Upon us, condemning and judging.
Yet are our heads held high, unbowed,
Our love thus strong, what shame be there?

Hearts closely intertwined, souls blurring.
Where does one stop and the other begin?
Linked inexorably, lives superimposed,
One upon the other. Evermore.

As fireworks burst high above,
Hearts soaring, filled completely
By awe and wonder, a sense
That all was right in the world.

The first sequence as it ends, awakens
Passion deeply lurking, freed from
Joyful hearts, background building
Ambience, as mouth to tender mouth gravitate.

Noses together, each touch an electric
Current. Feeding, stoking, exciting
That which like a fire in us burns
And consumes in total abandonment.

Coy now, love blazing forth, her eyes,
The feel of her body against mine, gentle
Hands holding me close. Yet am I lost
In her lips, attempts rebutted for a warm kiss.

Still the lights above us soar, drawing us
Nearer. Each burst of light reflected in the
Skip of our hearts, together. Love unfettered,
A promise sealed lip to lip. Absolute contentment.

Had time held still then, perfect bliss
In us forever would have held sway.
A world where one existed only for
The other, love the sole sustenance.

Shells carry on their dance of colours. The
Moment so magical, it seemed we were
Meant to be. No qualms or doubts. True love
Finally have we found, our soul’s companion.

Finale. Magnificent display before our eyes
Reflected deep in our hearts and soul. A stirring.
The show ends but the fire blazes stronger,
Unquenchable, a pleasant buzz vibrating through us.

Thus did the night go on. Defiance in the face of
Revulsion overwhelmingly radiating from those
Outside of us. Hatred born from envy. Jealousy
Of what we share that they can never comprehend.

What more could be asked for? Our delight
Could not in anyway be greater. But I am a
Fool. The best was yet to be. A climax if you would.
A shooting star across the night sky solely for us.

Who could say anything to the contrary?
Can you not see that our love was meant to be?
An extraordinary love that should have lasted forever!
A love that caused the stars to send their blessings.

When you are close, all else fades away as
Insignificant. Nothing matters except that we are
Together. Two as one. Our touch transcending all.
Invincible. Our love will conquer all and leave none standing.

Memories strongly etched in my heart, sweet
Your smell lingers. My hands molded into yours.
Nowhere safer but you sleeping with your arms
Round. Cradling, comforting, caring.

Magical moment in time, fleeting gone.
Reminiscence always bringing a smile
To my lips. The imprint of your kiss, the footstep
In my life. Forever hold you dearly, your place
In my heart unassailable, irreplaceable.