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Seasons of Life

Spring’s awakening, Summer’s revitalization,
Autumn’s loss and Winter’s shroud of mourning.

Youth, like the naivety of spring,
Full of promise and hidden potential,
Witness the awakening of that
Which was dormant.

Young adulthood, filled with the excitement
Of summer. Such unbridled passion, threatening to
Destroy all that stands in its way or to
Revitalize sagging comrade spirits.

Midlife, autumn’s coming of age that brings
Comfort and stability to those content
To lose what was before and gain
What comes after the loss.

Senior citizenship, crowned with the white of
Winter, symbolizing wisdom and experience
Having braved the storms of life and emerged
Victorious, only to gain a shroud of mourning.

Winter’s death, Spring’s birth,
Summer’s passion and Autumn’s calm.