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The Morning After

A gradual lightening, almost imperceptible
Where near complete darkness becomes
Something less, yet infinitely more.

It is an indrawn breath, held in long seconds
As the silence magnifies the quiet thumping
Of a heart caught between two realities.

The air seems to shift, a gradual freshening
Replacing the staleness so redolent of night
One which could never be easily forgotten.

In my arms, the gentle warmth, so reassuring
Against my chest now feels unbearably hot
But I remain frozen, out of uncertainty.

Is this a dream, a nightmare perhaps
Come to torture me in this singular moment
Caught between waking and slumber.

I would that it were, torn as I am between
Desire and despair to have so fallen
Like a babe enthralled by sweet candy.

But the truth, the truth lies in my arms
Whose darkened locks tickle my nose
As I burrow closer to breathe her in.

A hint of arousal, a taste of salty exertion
She stirs from her repose, pressing herself
Snugly into my embrace, a contented sigh.

Her lips move, a subconscious mumbling
Declarations of undying fealty and love
The name jolting in its utter unfamiliarity.

And so I wait, for the inevitable dawn
Where the truth awaits, harsh in its reality
For the aftertaste of the forbidden fruit
That sweet delicacy, is bitter indeed.