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The Pursuit of Knowledge

The result of one man’s ignorance
Either good or bad
An opportunity gone begging
Or a disaster waiting to be had

Institutions of knowledge
Centres of learning
Instead produce empty vessels
Knowing everything yet nothing

Certificates, Diplomas, Degrees
Printed paper
Determine one’s intelligence and usefulness
Without which makes one worse than a leper

Learned professors holding multiple Ph.D.s
No better than
The tramps loitering on the streets
Or the illiterate common man

Knowledge is a double-edged sword
A dangerous weapon
Able to harm as much as protect
When used improperly with wisdom spurned

A power unseen but rarely unleashed
Commonly shared
Which neither poverty nor weakness can deprive
Numerous kingdoms rise and fall because of that

Ignorance vs. knowledge
At times, Ignorance can be bliss and
Too much knowledge a curse, a stigma
Balance then is the key