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Waves. Gently lapping.
Ever present. Innocuous.
Lulling. Dulling all senses.
A siren call onto itself.
Sleep now.

Waves. Lap, lap, lap.
Never ceasing.
Intruding upon sweet slumber.
Stirring. Uneasy. A thought
Straining valiantly to be heard.

Waves. Always the waves.
Its gentle lullaby.
Soothing. Calming my fears.
Hush, hush, hush. I know.
The lull before the storm.

Waves. Day after bright day.
Night after dark night.
Lapping away at my defences.
Subtly weakening foundations.
Washing away grain after grain.

Waves. One moment of silence.
Then utter fury unleashed.
Howls. Herculean strong wind.
In violent bursts and gusts. Tearing.
Snatching. Everything in its path.

Waves. Once tame.
Now gargantuan gangsters.
Like giant brass cymbals.
Crashing, crashing, crashing.
Their brute force undeniable.

Waves. And wind.
Nothing left standing.
Zip, zilch, nada.
Only me. Me. Buffeted on all sides.
Soaked. Utterly, completely drenched.

Waves. Oh hellish waves.
You deceitful beast.
Biding your time. Planning your strike.
Til now, the culmination of your labours.
Leaving in pathetic ruins, my port of shelter.

Waves. Cruel. Unsympathetic.
You wreaked your havoc. For the thrill.
The heady rush of all-out destruction.
Mocking my painstaking toil. Thumbing
Your upturned nose at my bloody sweat and tears.

Waves. Hear me.
Take me! End my misery!
Wind. Heed my call.
Tear me from limb to limb!
Scatter my remains to the four corners!

For a frozen moment,
The world stops.
Before my unbelieving eyes,
The storm passes as quickly as it came.
Waves and winds collapsing into gurgles and whispers.
And I know