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Wild Estate

Pest, jest, test, zest,
All at whose behest?
Termites, wasp, bees,
Snakes, snails do tease.

A black cat with a bell,
Roaming free, giving hell.
Contribution and destruction,
Trapping it, an obstruction.

Wild birds freely wander,
Richness of variety a wonder.
Monitor lizards so big,
At the koi pond do feed.

A zoo it ain’t, wildlife galore,
Not enjoyment but a chore.
Daily worry, constant dread,
So long there’s no giant rat!

Fierce dogs, barking loud,
Little furry fellas, big clout.
Weather hot, a little fan,
For exercise, chase that fat man!

Sun scorching, killer rays,
Burning smell on hot days.
Water gather on upper lip,
How I long for a little dip!

Time of essence, nary food,
Hunger pangs cannot be good.
Hail the bus and away we go,
Don’t forget to bring your dough!

Little glass goldfish bowl,
Off the lights, not a soul.
Quiet til the bells tinkle,
Foreheads appear a wrinkle.

Friendly ones and noisy twos,
Demanding or plain old fools.
Need a game, service, panic,
Hold your horses, ain’t no mechanic!

Estate wild entrusted hence,
Twirl around, now we dance!